Emma's Piano Studio
Springfield, New Jersey
Tel.  973-376-9693
Established in 1994
Bring the joy of music into your life and the lives of those around you! Individual or group
lessons are available for children, teens and adults.

Emma Mamayeva can help you master the classical repertoire you studied as a child or have
you playing Broadway, jazz, blues or pop music in no time.  Thanks to Emma's method of
simplified left-hand accompaniments, even beginners will soon be playing music you can
sing along to.  
Lessons for Children
They are always eager for their next
lesson, because Emma believes lessons
should be fun and instill a love of music-
not turn it into a chore. She also believes in
the importance of  familiarizing children
with the great  works of the classical
repertoire as well as popular songs they

At the conclusion of each lesson her
younger students get a treat- another
episode from one of exiting tales that have
inspired some of the world’s greatest music.
As she tells the classic tale (be it The Nutcracker,Sleeping Beauty-ballet stories, Ruslan and
Ludmila-opera story or others), she plays excerpts from the scores of these works.

This method of teaching children has proved so popular, she decided to publish some of these tales,
complete with illustrations and musical excerpts. For more information,  click here.
Lessons for Teens
Some of Emma’s students are teens. They
enjoy the flexibility her lessons offer and
the satisfaction of being able to play real
music  using Emma’s method quickly.

If they want, they can rely on Emma’s
classical expertise and work on their
performance of the great works of that
genre, or they can focus on any type of
popular music.

Emma developed a special simplified
method to play pop music, music from  
Broadway musicals, jazz, blues and
many more styles and rhythms. (click here)
Whether the ultimate goal is individual or
ensemble performance, or just the
satisfaction of playing for themselves,
Emma has the willingness, expertise and
enthusiasm to help them achieve their goals.
Lessons for Adults

Whether you are interested in taking up
piano for the first time or returning to
music after a break, the adult piano
experience will be a rewarding one.

Music is a wonderful outlet for tensions, a
means of self-expression, and a way to
create fun and togetherness, read what
Emma's students have to say about her
classes and her method.
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