Play along with Emma your Favorite Melody
This method has been designed especially
for you.

Author Emma Mamayeva has found the fastest,
simplest, most sensible method for learning
accompaniment. The trick is sticking to the
essentials, eliminating all that isn't needed.
It turns out that for a thoroughly correct and
pleasing accompaniment all you need is:

1.  To know how to relate the 7 notes of the
musical scale  (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) to the
keyboard; 2.  To get used to some very
simple patterns of keys that form the  
basics of   simple accompaniment.

You will be amazed at how simple it is!
You will be getting together with friends in one week - and they have a big  surprise in store. Your friends
will be singing along to your accompaniment. Your new-found   ability will bring great pleasure to them
and to you.
The Accompaniments

Four books Play Along with Emma will teach you how to play with your left hand your favorite
melodies in different styles and rhythms. How to create various  accompaniments for your left
hand by yourself without buying tons of books and spending a lot of money.
After explaining basic concepts(name of the keys, note values,basic rhythm )you are going to
learn to play with my books18 accompaniments such as: Waltz, Tango, Arpeggio, March,
Carmen, Bossa-Nova, Foxtrot, Blues and many more...that will give your playing great diversity
in a short period of time.
The time has come to play your favorite melody with an accompaniment.
There are many keyboard methods that promise to teach you this longed for skill. You look over
one, then another... and put them to the side. So much complexity:  major, minor, dominants,
tonics, harmonic function, modulation... How much time will you need to make sense of all this
mumbo jumbo? And you want to be able to play now - or at least in a couple of days.
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