Piano Tuning & Repair
Piano Tuning & Repair
Joe's Piano Tuning and Repair
(973) 376 9445
Joe's Piano Tuning and Repair
(973) 376 9445
Joe's Piano tuning and repair

-Basic tuning (keeping the piano at it's present pitch)

-Pitch Rise( raising the pitch or temperament to a higher level)

-Regulation sets the action to it's ideal stroke

-Voicing removing the dings caused by hard service on the hammer

-Check used pianos for problems before purchase
A Piano should be tuned at least once a year
A new piano may take up to two tunings before it
holds it pitch,likewise fore an older piano that has
not been tuned in years

Other then the plate, tuning pins, strings,peddles
and a few other metal parts the piano is basically
built from wood 'because of this it requires some
consideration of it's placement in your home. Never
near a heat riser air conditioning vent or window
preferably an inside wall and out of direct sun light .
Never in a damp basement. If all of these
suggestions are followed there is no reason for a
piano to last many years I've found some in there
70's still going strong.
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